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 Our  Story

Why we do what we do


My whole life has in some way or another has been closely related to crafts/adventures/creations/challenges/etc.  When I was a young teenager through young adulthood, I completed many crewel tapestries, hand embroidered quilts, completed floral crewel work, latch hook, made Raggedy Ann Dolls, embroidered on sweatshirts, jackets, etc. as well as painted, papercutting art, origami, and any other arts and crafts I could get my hands on.  I have always loved to use my crafty side in my spare time. The last several years, my spare time has been utilized completing scrapbooks for for my three daughters, making 3D scrapbooks documenting their entire lives of 27, 25, and 21 years. I have also worked in my family's catering business for 42 years planning, setting up, decorating, and running wedding, dinners, parties, etc.  Through the years, I also decorate for holidays as requested by individuals and designing, making decorations and arrangements for all occasions.  This is all something I enjoy doing and love every minute of it.


My husband and I  retired in 2016  with 34 1/2 years each in education.  We were  full of energy and ready for more adventure and challenges in our life.  Our first grandchild was born in October of 2016 and we decided to be her caregiver while her parents worked.  At the same time, we began crafting while at home, during the day, making signs and floral items.  


As we began to think further about our future,  we thought we would have a small business and name it, CreAtions.. C for Cindy and A for Amick.  Cre-Ations.  The birth of CreAtions it was!  

We currently are making home decor in wreaths, swags, table arrangements, etc.  I make decorations for celebrations. We make wood signs for the home, porch, deck, etc.  We personalize signs to anything a customer wants.  


Thank you for viewing our web site and we hope you like what you see.

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